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Here are some perl scripts which I have written, in time this list will grow, so keep an eye out!

Matilda's FormMail
A platform independant form to mail script, including some more advanced features not present in other formmail scripts.
The best, free whois lookup script available on the internet? Try it for yourself and then decide.     
Matilda's Whois    

Matilda's Guestbook
Have a highly versatile guestbook script on your website. Uses MySQL to store guestbook entries.
Small script to display the current date and/or time in a pre-configured format on a website.    
Matilda's Time    

Matilda's To Go
A script to calculate the amount of time until a preset and then displays the results in a pre-configured way.
A perl script which incorporates a full template system to add the ability to finger people to your website.     
Matilda's Finger    

Matilda's Counter
A counter script for keeping track of the number of hits for a site, platform independant.

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