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  Matilda's Whois  
Matilda's Whois is a professional domain name whois query script written to allow visitors to a website to quickly and reliably check the status of almost any top level domain. Many websites are already using this script for their whois lookups, why don't you?
This script also contains a fully configurable and customizable template system where by the script can seemlessly integrate into the existing website, bundle this with the ability to query about 270 different top level domains and the quality of a commercial product shows exactly why Matilda's Whois is being used by more web sites every single day!
There have been quite a few changes to Matilda's Whois recently involving a few movements within the template system meaning that any existing templates will require a bit of a "juggle" (email me for help on this!), so other templates that can be used are available for download just below, simply extract them into a sub-directory in the same directory as the main script (either mwhois.cgi or mwhois.php). There is an administration script included for (hopefully) easy configuration of the various sections. Both versions of the script come bundles and configured with the default english templates.
Download the latest PHP version of Matilda's Whois (tar.gz) (ZIP)
Download the latest Perl version of Matilda's Whois (tar.gz) (ZIP)
View the latest Change Log
Here are various other ready made templates that can be downloaded for use with Matilda's Whois;
Download default English template(ready bundled with script)
Download default Dutch template
Download default German template
Download default Spanish template
Download default Brazilian-Portuguese template
Download default Italian template
Download default Catalan template
Download default French template
Download default Russian template
Click here to download the latest servers list file
Last updated on 23rd February, 2004
Do you know of a TLD that isn't supported by Matilda's Whois? email me!
Matilda's Whois can be seen running on any of the following sites (not necessarily the latest version though!);
 Host Island (this is a cool site, it just had to be included =D)
 Mega Boy Web Hosting
 Blacknight Solutions
 Jason's Computer Solutions
 ACSI Domains
 Web Integrations
 AT1 - Domainservice und mehr
 City hosts
 WebBizz Internet
 Tom Matildahews
 Why Our Host?
 Web DJ
 DragonWeb Productions
 mirahost: elite web services
 3oD Internet Solutions
 Advernet Australia
 Qool Web Hosting
 COMBELL Internet Solutions
 Venture Domain Hosting
 EchoUs Media
 APC Hosting
 Webfaces Design
Want your site on this list? contact me or email me!

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