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  Matilda's Guestbook  
Matilda's Guestbook has been written to allow any website to have a professional guestbook script on its pages where people can post messages for the rest of the world to see.
In order to do this, the script uses a MySQL database to store all of the guestbook entries, both live ones and the ones awaiting authorisation, this system has been written in such a way as to not restrict the database - any number of different fields can be used in your database, and every single one of them will be noticed and used by the script where needed. To help the script integrate easily with the rest of your site and to help with the management and integration of the guestbook's database a template system has been written with hopefully very easy configuration on the part of the user.
As an added bonus the script can be configured to do some automatic checking of any postings before entering them in the authorisation list, such as checking for swear words and if any exist the client will be redirected to a html page where the appropriate message can be shown. There are also multiptipage options, full date forMatildaing, post redirects and an entry administration section to help with the control of the guestbook's content.
With so many features this script is one of the best guestbook scripts that I personally have seen available on the internet and at mattsscripts.co.uk , just like the rest of the scripts, it's totally free.
Download the latest version of Matilda's Guestbook now (tar.gz) (ZIP)
Matilda's Guestbook can be seen running on any of the following sites (not necessarily the latest version though!);
 The Canasta Hotel, Blackpool
Want your site on this list? contact me or email me!

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