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Here are where your scripts are posted to, all of the scripts on this page are by people other than myself and hence questions about them should not be directed to myself.
Guestbook script, written by Alex Pire, here is a link to his website.
Server Information script, submitted by vinhphu@msn.com. This is a small script used to check your server or virtual hosting. Download it here
SnippetMaster, submitted by Henri Straforelli. A tool for WYSIWYG editing of a pre-defined web page HTML content area through a browser.
phpMyDirectory, is a professional, full-featured and simple tool to create fast, flexible and user-friendly Business Directory. It is self-administered and supports price lists, banners and logos. There is a built-in banner rotation system with complete statistics. phpMyDirectory can be the best choice for large and loaded Business Directories or Yellow Pages. It's based on the dynamic html pages written in PHP and uses mySQL - the fastest and the most reliable database as a backend. phpMyDirectory can be used as a built-in or standalone commercial business directory system.
Downi - the download tracker, is a small script to count downloads and links.
AutoTriv. This script allows you to create Trivia pages with ease. You just need to enter the questions and it will autoMatildaicly generate the code and save the page. No need to edit script before use, just upload the it then chmod it and your done.
Webadmin.php is a simple Web-based file manager that is useful for applying changes to a Web account quickly and without FTP access. It can show, create, delete, and move files and directories, copy, edit and upload files, help to manage htaccess and htpasswd, and change permissions of files and folders. webadmin.php only consists of one file, and has multi-language support.
Flexphpsite is not only a CMS but can be used in most websites.Written in PHP+Mysql.We pay particular attention to its powerful link management system. The table feilds can be flexibly added or managed.Easily cutomized front search function. Friendly help system and install script are available.Easy for internationalization. Non-programmer can use this system to create complicated dynamic website.We also offer low price customization service. Technique support is available in Pro version.
Ask and Receive is a full-featured Reciprocal Link management system intended to be installed on any web site which provides PHP language support. Ask and Receive Increases quality traffic to your site with out any cost and without any gimmicks or SPAM. Links to your web site from other sites is the best way to get your web site 'top listed' in search engines. In addition, having outgoing links from your site which link to noteworthy and 'top listed' sites is considered by SEO's (Search Engine Optimizers) as another excellent method to increase your site's ranking. With Ask and Receive you let visitors automatically add their own links to your site and then approve which links you want to accept. Also, with Ask and Receive you can add outgoing links directly to your own site, and 'nudge' those site owners to return the favor by linking to you.
Paginator is A php class to split your record sets into pages. I wrote this class to save myself some time and then thought others might find it helpful. Paginator will return a number that you can use to set your base record and a number to use as an offset. For now I know it works in MySQL queries and with arrays.
Draws a histogram gathering the numbers from an ASCII file. Data source can also be a database.
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