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  Advertise on mattsscripts.co.uk !  
If you would like to advertise your website on mattsscripts.co.uk then you have two choices, you can either have a button image (those on the right) or a banner image (up top). Yes, they cost different amounts, but they all appear on every single page of mattsscripts.co.uk .
For a button image on the right hand side there, it'll cost you just £55 for a month's advertising, linking the button to the URL of your choice (click here to email me about it).
Alternatively, if you'd like an entire year of advertising with a button on the left then you can have it for just £550! That's only �20.80 per month. (click here to email me about it).
The other option is to have a banner on the site, this is more expensive as it is a prime location on every page of the site. A banner image will cost you only �500 per year. Deals can be made on shorter terms of advertising, why not email me about it and I'll see what I can do! (click here to email me about it).
(p.s. All advertising charges go towards funding and improvements of the site!)

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