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Note: PHP Submit is currently in development, it is available for download in two forms, the last "functional" version and the new re-written "testing" version, it is quite possible that neither of these will work on your server, it is equally possible that they will both work perfect, either way however, I would appreciate feedback on your experiences and your thoughts and problems.
PHPSubmit is a small selection of PHP scripts which willl spider a website and then submit the links that it finds to a list of search engines, at the moment roughly 30 different search engines are supported and active development is aiming to improve the reliability of the script.
For me, both versions of this script are usable, the testing version being much better for spidering web site links due to part of the script being re-written to improve it. However, as stated, these scripts are beta and neither are seen as a stable release at this stage.
Also note: PHPSubmit's license is currently "Free for private use only", this script should not be used for commercial purposes
Final note: At present PHPSubmit has gone into disrepair and may not function correctly, this is due to no development time spent on the script for a while and the situation is unlikely to change. Please don't email me about it if it doesn't work!
Download PHPSubmit v0.5.3-1 now!
Download PHPSubmit v0.5.4-Beta now!
PHPSubmit can be seen running on any of the following sites (not necessarily the latest version though!);
 BlackpoolIndex.com (latest testing version)
 Access Web
 Fox5000 (hmm, rather brutalized I feel =D)
Want your site on this list? contact me or email me!

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