phpsubmit.beta/0040755000175000007640000000000007255703755012526 5ustar mattmattphpsubmit.beta/ChangeLog0100644000175000007640000000474207255701631014273 0ustar mattmatt- : new version @ : new feature(s) * : bug fixed + : bug identified 19/03/2001 - Matt Wilson Change of license, changing from the GPL to "Free for private (non-commercial) use" XX/02/2001 - Matt Wilson */@/+/- Hefty re-write of the core code and procedures, should much better for most things - lets hope so, this is the beta release, so if any one finds any major problems please let me know. 07/12/2000 - Matt Wilson @ added more search engines, namely; "Allt" and "Altavista SE (Sweden)" thanks to Jacob Schmidt of Munkawebb ( "Altavista IT (Italian)" and "Google IT (Italian)" thanks to Remo Mattei "Euroseek" and a couple of others no doubt (I kinda had a blitz on Altavista), by myself ;) 06/12/2000 - Matt Wilson - 0.5.3-1 (figured I should probably release this due to the "AllTheWeb" problem) + temporarily removed "AllTheWeb" from the engines list because it was crashing the script (thanks to all who emailed me about this one - you know who you are!) + Internet Explorer looks like its crashed whilst trying to load the control/progress bar, it just takes some time with lots to submit @ added a few more search engines and the ability to enter keywords for submission to a couple of search engines @ a tiny layout change Just a quick note that my website will hopefully one day become live, my boss is supposed to be designing it, but I don't think he is ever gonna get round to it, and i'm probably going to be too busy, so if anyone out there fancies doing me a favour, send me an email ;) 05/12/2000 - Matt Wilson - 0.5.3 @ added support for more search engines, thanks to Heribert Erlinghagen * fixed a few minor bugs, and made the script fully functional again ;) + code has become very clogged, not sure what needs cleaning, but I intend on cleaning it up 13/11/2000 - Matt Wilson * in certain circumstances the script wouldn't use all requested search engines - fixed 17/10/2000 - Matt Wilson - 0.5.2 * fixed a little bug regarding link pickup code 11/10/2000 - Matt Wilson - 0.5.1 * fixed a (possible) minor bug in the search algorithm * broke things * fixed things 04/10/2000 - Matt Wilson - 0.5 * initial release * fixed too many initial bugs to list =D phpsubmit.beta/config.php0100644000175000007640000001116007255701631014467 0ustar mattmattURL<]&xyzend=end&B1=Reg", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]&submit.x=29&submit.y=9", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]&todo=add&GO=search&x=13&y=16", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]&keys=[>KEYS<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]", "[>URL<]&SUBMIT=URL+melden", "[>URL<]&CAT=Add/Update%20Site&sv=AD&lk=noframes", "[>URL<]&dq=", "[>URL<]&dq=", "[>URL<]&dq=", "[>URL<]&dq=", "[>URL<]&MM=1&output=success&email=[>EMAIL<]", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]&CAT=Add/Update+URL", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]&submit=Url+anmelden", "[>URL<]", "[>URL<]&contact=Webmaster&email=[>EMAIL<]", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]&submit2=Soumettre", "[>URL<]?url=[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]&country=US&brand=webcrawler&look=excite&channel=local", "[>URL<]&EMAIL=[>EMAIL<]", "[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]&submit=Register", "[>URL<]&url=[>URL<]&email=[>EMAIL<]" ); ?> phpsubmit.beta/cont.gif0100644000175000007640000000515407255701631014151 0ustar mattmattGIF89aN.>J^NV: v^j *=z@ILz* ~*6*R*3z9vv*v2+z4#N&-;W[R^b$zz$r,b&N$~(IMRZ.FN 9D&6 V$:B6>*b.6NVBff*r*:F7C.9FM3>  &=~A .n4*N7D5;&FZZ^f)W,BJKSjhu*=&n.VZ+6jr2KKIPrrNV f+f0*vt"2>Cqqނ ^{{ j(;?."B#f"I$%56VS>F]a&FN BnjXX2 :BMR:-7.:dd.^2FF"6j6NNbf$20r6FR5=V .2.>ZbRZ6F2f5 "jn ^&6n:?F/Y/< *V^j&\#PVPR@I  *:2> :>J"FRRFRFFbfjrB"1b2jj>B2V^ f(CwC~&j.ll~~RZ   X[OS$R($v0^dNO$0&.-~5,j02v7>"3*:2>AIr" .RTrv3~:R"&6 nnnJ%z1@CIM.: 22?BFBJ"V^6fj6A>J#b+"&f.NVn&DH Z&BNY]f":  >v*R6>2j6! , 8p*\ȰÇ#JyEǏ CIɓ(S4 7!͛8sɳϟ@ IhQR0_D)PJJիXj*SA`@ghz!۷p>[+ݴmiÜ%ӄg'b(W.V`KLy27ƮUY2c;;M4\u${P|@%]#ۚ#/xALj jx_<8(r2Uj<+Գkgn(](*SɎ@ҧ˰y4K7$EP'n G(`w (1?!bt" ,00<ӡH&SL&3jI00a#0tPL#qʊ0,#b>ÃnŠ| ( 3N$2B|Q,ŀ3&ƒ 0$ ,Q0@GZx:rbF6$D")`A&(^0q(j-0(d @IN NHC:N- 2nF$L@(lV@)?$0/m@RK:M Bm$-0 r2b/0h!Hcģ>2 ;H0X-LHFH` @hN0{<2`L#X/ģBljC$X4.r?N"8$cK-f\P (Ҋ"(.*c"sKAE=_,SD"c42B-0xQ=3zXJ6d"ʼ;02G#4""DF ъ9,Vaf0up?1vP@:FhC:t  x.ҡ 8!$1D~` .~8vC8V d!D%r6 TP  t^ FQz@m<2v\$IID| ?…6 cTF:p<(q/rl #bL1P F`@ 8Axґh7B*Nq d6 mA eġ67XYR*I  ol ;&@#Cf,P^P@ JC aAgća W8[ K &Q7+pS|a 'Vp5Lbx#&7ɛ SXπMBЈ&47 0jؙ 'MJ[Ҙδ7N{z&L;phpsubmit.beta/functions.php0100644000175000007640000001232007255701631015231 0ustar mattmatt string to search for // $a => array to search function my_in_array($s, $a) { for($t=0; $t the link which was detected // $path => the path to the page which it was detected on // $domain => the host name of the server that we are working on function apply_correction($link, $path, $domain) { // trim the white spaces from each side of the link $link = trim($link); if(eregi("^(https://)",$link)) return false; $path = eregi_replace("/$","",$path); if(eregi("^(https://)",$link)){ if(!ereg("(.*)($domain)(.*)",$link)) return false; return eregi_replace("(https://)(www\.)?($domain)","",$link); } else{ if(!ereg("(^(\.{2}))|(^/)",$link)){ return $path."/".$link; } if(ereg("^/",$link)){ return $link; } // time to assume that it begins with ../ or .. $link = ereg_replace("^(\.\.)(/?)","",$link); $path = substr($path,0,strrpos($path,"/")); return apply_correction($link,$path,$domain); } return $link; } // this is of course the all-important function which actually greps the pages for the links - don't touch! ;) // $page => path to the page we are searching // $domain => name of the host we are searching // $links => an array of links that have been gathered so far function get_links($page, $domain, &$links) { global $ignore_dirs; global $find_pages; global $offset; global $max_results; if(!$page){ /* sanity check */ return false; } if(sizeof($links) >= ($offset+$max_results) && $max_results){ print "\n"; return; } $href_pos = -5; if(ereg("/$", $page)){ $page__ = find_page("https://".$domain.$page); if($page__ == false){ print "\n"; return; } $file = strrchr($page__, "/"); $path = $page; $page = $page.$file; } else{ // retrieve the filename $file = strrchr($page,"/"); $path = @str_replace($file,"",$page); } // found a link print "\n"; $links[] = "https://$domain$path$file"; if(($page_ = @file("https://".$domain.$path.$file)) == false){ print "\n"; return; } $page_ = implode("",$page_); $_page = strtolower($page_); $href_pos = 0; while(1){ set_time_limit(1); if(sizeof($links) >= ($offset+$max_results) && $max_results){ print "\n"; return true; } $href_pos = @strpos($_page,"href",$href_pos+4); if(@is_string($href_pos) && $href_pos == ""){ print "\n"; return; } $nc = substr($page_,$href_pos+5,1); if($nc == '"'){ $np = @strpos($page_,'"',$href_pos+6); } else{ if($nc == "'"){ $np = @strpos($page_,"'",$href_pos+6); } else{ $np = @strpos($page_," ",$href_pos+5); $nd = @strpos($page_,">",$href_pos+5); if($np > $nd){ $np = $nd; } } } if(@is_string($np) && !$np){ continue; } if($nc == "'" || $nc == '"'){ $link = @str_replace("'"," ",@str_replace('"'," ",@substr($page_,$href_pos+6,$np-$href_pos-6))); } else { $link = @str_replace("'"," ",@str_replace('"'," ",@substr($page_,$href_pos+5,$np-$href_pos-5))); } if(ereg("\?+",$link)){ $link = @substr($link,0,strpos($link,"?")); } if(ereg("^((javascript:)|(ftp://)|(mailto:))",$link)){ continue; } if(($link_ = @stristr($link,$domain)) == false){ if(($link_ = apply_correction($link, $path, $domain)) == false){ continue; } } $link_ = eregi_replace("^(www\.)?($domain)","",$link_); if(@my_in_array("https://$domain$link_",$links) == true){ continue; } if(ereg("((\.)(".$find_pages."))$",$link_) && !ereg("(/)(".$ignore_dirs.")(/)",$link_)){ get_links($link_,$domain,$links); } } print "\n"; } // this is called if a link ends in "/", ideally don't use it, its gonna be damned slow! // NOTE: it only returns the path part of the link, not the host section! // $domain => name of the host which we are currently working from // $loc => path to the page we are looking at function find_page($domain, $loc) { global $index_pages; // check to make sure we aren't wasting our time if(ereg("/$", $loc) == false){ return $loc; } // loop through the known page names and see if we can get one of em for($_=0; $_ phpsubmit.beta/keyword.gif0100644000175000007640000000007407255701631014666 0ustar mattmattGIF89a ! , pyY{UgJ;phpsubmit.beta/logo.jpg0100644000175000007640000000513607255701631014161 0ustar mattmattJFIFHHCreated with The GIMPC    $.' ",#(7),01444'9=82<.342C  2!!22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222<"7!1"AQq2a#3B%4r%!1Q23Aa ?JP)JPSڥ-, x"ny >]U Z'Z(p8T^8D&rGk.L\r^;ÎnBv.wB''kKeGhϠO%sm?{(\kLx;n_ZVXv *@'j٤mZ^wH DBcOzmiu>իYqmB[1̫Sʞds߸mK$tO޿ܶi%=@T\7+M[;+J+hVRdaͷ¤L@׫ ]v7W,8zx}i}iiN]1rU11#ב_S;\dYJɂ@?{1E/;Qp_OvȀx?Fg}gheta[Jp,#בo2:s j\~Ma2 |VB肨hHUtFtm4%l4*H8I$y@B 5{`q$`JzjMY)JҢmIR0uUb[kk]@/QJjmI?ⵚDQb^l8t%(m$53~ggg鎼ԟm8qj- >,$s>*S0IP!Cn"=h[2 ˫Q p<[/ӷ@]/6%**o{DrW(O\m+7Vcܯcje%)ܣʥO?jzy?vhw>$É`@Pk^f{Tr--x[6w ޻htTqRݺKPSYi#6}EBOYTK7 f6(QKoJpxJILyfӏ䎝(ܶ4qTJ^:V VSRPZ]\*wM6m OU9nwq+lI$ zsLÍ7:m ?ɋ[uN$}Z06ni^}VOc\* T|fg2D\3f$mAYJ @P"|jh2DRemd6W&d‚>mƍ4)7Y&hRԲIP< #^xMk#r[@+lp!"&YP@-OH&9m޵m㊳KiJTT@<*hgϗ^U, vjD́Jv=b/v.,#ȕ$ܗ|rA*I q$Aڢ PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson

An error occured whilst trying to find your index page

Unfortunately I could not find the main index page for your site, this means that I cannot search your site. This could be due to any of the following reasons;

  • This script is being executed on a different web server than the page is hosted on
  • The domain name supplied does not exist or is temporarily offline for some reason
  • You have just found a bug in my script (please email me here and tell me what happened)

If you think that this is just a temporary problem then you can always try again by clicking here to go back to the main index page.

phpsubmit.beta/noneselected.html0100644000175000007640000000342407255701631016053 0ustar mattmatt PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson

An error occured whilst trying to begin the submission procedure

I cannot begin the submission process, this could be because one or more of any of the following reasons;

  • You did not select any of your web pages to be submitted
  • You did not select any search engines to submit these pages to
  • You have just found a bug in my script (please email me here and tell me what happened)

To re-start click here and go back to the main index page.

phpsubmit.beta/noresults.html0100644000175000007640000000341707255701631015443 0ustar mattmatt PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson

There are no more pages on this site to be submitted

There are no more pages on your site that are waiting to be submitted. This could be due to any of the following reasons;

  • You have tried to continue a completed search
  • You have just found a bug in my script (please email me here and tell me what happened)

If you think that this is just a temporary problem then you can always try again by clicking here to go back to the main index page.

phpsubmit.beta/ok.gif0100644000175000007640000000251507255701631013615 0ustar mattmattGIF89a"N.JV^bj6 r6BBr> &&6BVV~ 2:FR*V"6v:jj~~.:2r6FjJ~FNR&6>FR"".n&&z2Z^ FV^NV.>R^ff&&.f26F 6JJjrNnnJN2J.FNnn6>B*Z."z. n" 2VZzz2>&b.jj>vrbfFN*Fjn:FN:FJN&j.ff^"~.BF*6&J& RRVbfFRRZ&6"nrrr6z>*:FV^RR6 fJJ^&VV.~~r""2*Jzz.:vvB">J~*^^.6f:^^>zB * .:   RV.z6vvR vVZV^.>^f&n.BN~z"2.:F*JRVVNN&nr>J  ~2v:JJJR"~.2Bff.6j:>~B*ނ "  *:*6&6F"~~:BZZ~R"*z6Z^rrrrNR*j2^"FF.6VVVV"^&.Z^*n2NV .>^**! ," (Е*4CHFŋbp 9T>lII R40cʜ)eeyᦢ ?@QD(Q|bB PQ^ȣ@(Y!ǒ%t,(gX gQBWNgxIJZuۊ@A(Ƣ;bl#9#d׋ŋ9A5im04;2(1hEF[ Pl( sPBG8Yp0Љ lX$d΀lȀRyO*\ XfšWM AI4W \Ze$+8 $̀",+\B?s8`DPFLBw eR̍6:Q@ e M2 2B qK 0 !LyY $@p DF CD& q҃C"@},J)Ҩ0*Ї C4 ` 3*,iGq&뮸Q,v4P`l;K.;Kt;phpsubmit.beta/phpsubmit.php0100644000175000007640000002101407255701631015234 0ustar mattmatt 1){ $linksstr = implode("\n",$links); // } else { // $linksstr = $links; // } fputs($fd, $linksstr, strlen($linksstr)); fclose($fd); // your joking? no links found? what a load of crap if(sizeof($links) <= $offset || !sizeof($links)){ setcookie("phpsubmit_remembering",false,time()+604800); Header("Location: noresults.html"); exit(); } // ok, we should now have a usable temp file name in $tmpid } // end startform() // start handleform() function handleform() { } // end handleform() // start mainform() function mainform(){ global $domain; global $page; global $max_results; // if($page == ""){ startform(); // } else { // handleform(); // } ?> PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson - Your pages have been indexed

A list of all the links that reside on "" was created and were picked from this list, if you have just created this search then these are the first found, otherwise they are the next on the list. The pages that are going to be submitted are listed below, in order for these to be submitted I need you e-mail address and optionally some keywords depending on which search engines you wish to submit to, please enter these details in the text boxes below and then click "OK".

If there are any of the following pages that you do not wish to be submitted to the search engines then please uncheck the boxes next to them

"; global $tmp_dir; $links = file($tmp_dir.$tmpid); // write all the pages found to the temp file and set up the form... for($t=0; $t\n"; } ?>

The following pages are going to be submitted:-

Please check the box next to the search engine(s) you want to submit these pages to:

\n"; } ?>
"; echo " - ".$enginename[$t]; if(strpos($engines[$t], "[>KEYS<]")){ echo " "; } echo ""; if($engines[$t+1]){ echo " - ".$enginename[$t+1]; if(strpos($engines[$t+1], "[>KEYS<]")){ echo " "; } } else { echo " "; } echo "

Enter your email address
Some search engines require "keywords" in order to list your web pages accurately, the search engines which support this are listed above with a next to them. For this reason, please enter some keywords about your site below, if you need more help regarding this subject, please refer to the help page.
PHPSubmit is submitting your pages"; } // end the submission frame // begin the actual main code if($op == "Begin"){ submitform(); } else { mainform(); } ?> phpsubmit.beta/ready.html0100644000175000007640000000564307255701631014514 0ustar mattmatt PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson is ready to submit your pages

OK, you have provided all the necessary information and your web site is ready for search engine submission. Please note that the control bar at the top of the screen can take some time to show if you are on a slow connection and have asked to submit many pages and/or to many search engines, please also note that the submission process is not a quick process and may take some time, the approximate time that this process will take is shown above. If you do not have this much time or just don't wish to wait this long then you can always start again and ask the script to submit less pages or submit these pages to fewer search engines, this will lower the amount of time the process will take.

To begin the submission process please click on the "Go" button on the above control panel, the script will then show its progress in two different ways, firstly the counter on the above control panel will increment by one every time a page is submitted to a search engine and also the result of the submission process is shown in this area.

This script is licensed under the GNU Public License and is free software, this means that it most likely hasn't gone through rigorous testing periods with hundreds of dedicated beta testers. What this means is that your thoughts count! Any improvements and/or suggestions can be emailed to here, bug reports here or just plain old support for the author can be emailed to him here. If you use this script I would appreciate it greatly if you email me telling me what you think of it, or even if it just reads "Hey", that would be cool.

phpsubmit.beta/submit.php0100644000175000007640000000120507255701631014524 0ustar mattmatt PHPSubmit is submitting your pages phpsubmit.beta/submithead.php0100644000175000007640000000757107255701631015362 0ustar mattmatttop.location.href=\"noneselected.html\";"); die("sizeof(\$usinge) = ".sizeof($usinge)."
sizeof(\$usingp) = ".sizeof($usingp)); } // pre-calculate the total time this is going to take going on 4 seconds per page $totaltime = (sizeof($usinge)*sizeof($usingp)*4)+4; // function to calculate the ~ time we have left and return it a human-readable string function timeleft() { global $totaltime; $seconds = $totaltime; $hours = floor($seconds/3600); $seconds -= $hours*3600; $minutes = floor($seconds/60); $seconds -= $minutes*60; if($hours){ $ret = $hours." hours "; } if($minutes){ $ret .= $minutes." minutes "; } if($seconds){ $ret .= $seconds." seconds"; } $totaltime -= 4; if($ret == ""){ $ret = "Finished"; } return $ret; } ?>
Estimate time remaining:
Engine:   Counter:   size=5> 
phpsubmit.beta/index.html0100644000175000007640000000474307255701631014517 0ustar mattmatt PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson

Welcome to PHPSubmit, the Open Source web page submission script written in PHP by Matt Wilson.

This script can be used to submit your web site to many different search engines in one easy motion, in order to do this we need to know a little information, please fill in the following information and then click "OK".

Domain name to submit
¹Number of pages to submit - See below!
Pages to search for
Ignore directories
- ²Remember my search for next time

¹Please note that search engines will not index your pages if you submit too many at any one time and you will most likely recieve complaints from search engines.

²Also note that the script remembers searches by setting cookies, these cookies only last one week, however the search is continued the cookies are re-set and last for another week.

For help in any of the above options/selections please refer to the help page, which hopefully will be able to answer any questions regarding the above.

phpsubmit.beta/help.html0100644000175000007640000000674207255701631014341 0ustar mattmatt PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson help page

Welcome to the help page, if you are here then it most likely means that you don't really know what all that stuff on the front page means, well thats what my soul purpose in life is - to tell you.

Lets go through each input box individually shall we?

Domain name to submit

This is the first and most important input box, in this box you should put the URL or address of your website without the `https://' in front of it although if you do put this in it will be stripped out. The script will visit this page and then try to index your site with this page as a starting point.

Number of pages to submit

This tells the script how many pages to find on your website before proceeding to the submission stage, I have used a drop down menu for this as putting a too higher number in here and asking the script to submit many pages may/will cause the search engines to ignore your submissions and send an e-mail to you probably banning any submissions in the future.

Pages to look for

In this text box there should already be a regular expression for which files to find, a regular expression is a method of testing strings for certain content and then deciding what to do with it. This particular regular expression tests the extension on the files that the script finds, if this script matches this regular expression then it is added and trawled for more links.

Skip directories

This is another regular expression except this one tests directory names, so by default the script will not recurse into these directories and hence will not return any pages that it finds in these directories.

Remember my search next time

This checkbox is used if you want the script to tell your computer to remember the search that you perform, and then when you next come back, you can click `Continue last search' and the script will continue where it left off from last time, searching the same domain and returning the next n pages (where n is the number you asked for) and then submitting these pages to search engines. Be warned though that searches only last one week and after this time they will be forgotten about and you will have to start again.

Search engine keywords

Keywords are used by many search engines in order to categorise your web pages with the most accuracy, this means that if one of your keywords or phrases was "dancing tiger", for example, when this was searched for on the search engine, your website should be found within the results. It is very easy to submit your keywords, but it is normally not quite so easy to decide on the keywords to use! To enter your keywords, simple seperate each word or phrase with a comma, for example "dancing, tigers, animals" would be three keywords, whilst "dancing tigers, animals" would only be two, namely "dancing tigers" and "animals".

phpsubmit.beta/done.html0100644000175000007640000000273107255701631014330 0ustar mattmatt PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson has finished your submission


The submission seemed to be a success and the search engines that you have submitted to should contact the provided e-mail address shortly with details of your submission. If you saw error messages during this process and you think that perhaps it didn't all goto plan you can e-mail a bug report to the author here, please explain what happened and the details you were trying to submit.

If you wish to contact the author with any enhancement ideas, please email him here. If you just wish to contact him for support reasons, you can e-mail him here

If you asked the script to remember your last search then you need to re-visit the main page and ask to continue the previous search, you are allowed to perform another search but the script will remember the last search that you ask it to remember and will forget the rest

phpsubmit.beta/nohost.html0100644000175000007640000000151207255701631014711 0ustar mattmatt PHPSubmit by Matt Wilson has encountered an error

Unable to resolve hostname

PHPSubmit has encountered an error attempting to spider your website for the submission procedure. This may be a browser problem, a server problem or a human error (either mine or yours!), so if you think this is a mistake by my goodself then you can e-mail me here.