04/11/2002 * Perl: made several fixes to hopefully ensure correct functionality across perl versions * PHP/Perl: made a couple of alterations to theme loading (hopefully fix your problems!) * PHP/Perl: changes to the config file (vague) and admin script to create them (people were having troubles) * German template problems were resolved 13/10/2002 * Perl: fixed a problem relating to show raw output 22/08/2002 * hopefully works with all versions of perl now, including mod_perl * resorted back to simple substring searches for availability checks 30/07/2002 * On startup, Matilda's Whois ads "." to @INC to ensure config.cgi is found * updated availability code to introduce regular expression checking (previously just string checks), this is in light of the *.au TLDs * also made a few other scoping alterations 21/07/2002 * Made whois request as "domainname\r\n" rather than just "domainname\n" (sorry, missed this in the whois RFC!) 12/07/2002 * Perl: fixed a couple of backward compatability bugs. 29/06/2002 * Perl: fixed an error when attempting to identify and connect to information servers (effected com/net/org) 04/06/2002 * PHP: updated admin script to work correctly with all PHP versions * PHP: updated main script and admin script to not call variables directly, but via $GLOBALS, $_POST or $_GET 18/04/2002 * Perl: small typo fixed (thanks to David Stone) 12/04/2002 * Perl: updated the domain name checking sub-routine to (hopefully) make it work properly! 05/04/2002 * Forgot to add the [>FULLDOMAIN<] text replacement in the PHP version, fixed! 23/03/2002 * Added an option to simple enter the full domain name instead of having a domain and extension field, it is called fulldomain (rather than domain and ext), see the usual place for info (the script). * Perl: checked the main script and admin script possible problems (perl -W -T) 21/03/2002 * Added a link to the servers.lst file in the admin script * Added an attachment header to the admin script 10/03/2002 * PHP: fix fatal_theme() subroutine to see $theme variable 08/03/2002 * PHP: fixed a bug relating to the wizard search * Perl: a couple of wizard related bugs 29/06/2001 * Added "if no data is returned then report as available" for the sake of .ie domains! * Removed an error when $domain was blank in check_domain 07/06/2001 * Completed some basic documentation - hope its some use! 06/06/2001 * Added a new admin script 05/06/2001 * Disabled a couple of domain name checks (length and numbers only on 2 letter domains) 01/06/2001 * Just finished restructuring the script for multi-language use, or more accurately, easily downloading and using new templates. So if anyone out there wants to submit a template for everyone to use then that would be great! 30/05/2001 * I just recieved a german translation from Tom Nickels so I figure a language selection system would be a good idea 23/05/2001 * A couple of servers.lst changes, nothing to worry about 09/05/2001 * After a couple of bug reports from Wilfried (See Perl Changelog) I realised that the provided templates were broken and there now fixed, applies to global searches and wizard searches. 28/03/2001 * Fixed a bug for whois info server raw displays * Converted all the server list into a single list file * Development split into PHP and Perl versions for non-PHP people 13/03/2001 * Fixed up some server responses that had changed 14/11/2000 - 0.4.4 * The script now looks up which whois info server to use if there is a server available for this (com/net/org) * Hopefully fixed a bug causing domains information to be wrong/mis-interpreted 08/11/2000 * Hooray! I fixed that damned annoying bug regarding the global whois search ;) 07/11/2000 * Hmm, not sure if I uploaded the fully patched version, i'll do it again to make sure ;) 06/11/2000 * Added support for loads more domain types because people were complaining that it was hard to add new domain types * Fixed a problem regarding whois.bulkregister.com which was reporting wrongly, so we don't use it anymore ;) 19/10/2000 * Added `--' support 26/9/2000 - version 0.4 (2) * Added a patch for PHP4 users * Fixed a minor problem calling an undefined function (oops) 26/9/2000 - version 0.4