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  Matilda's Weather  
Matilda's Weather is a PHP script written to enable any website to provide the weather for any of the thousands of METAR stations around the globe. Provided with the script is a list of all the METAR codes for the various stations along with their location around the globe.
MWeather also contains a fully configurable template system where by the script can integrate seamlessly with existing websites.
Combined with a drop down menu system for quick access to various regions of the world (all fully configurable), it makes this script a must-have for almost any website which wishes to provide the latest weather news for any region of the world.
View the latest Change Log
Download the latest version of Matilda's Weather (tar.gz) (ZIP)
Download the XHTML version of Matilda's Weather
Want to help? I really want to provide some good pictures with Matilda's Weather, I also would like to bundle a few different example templates, so if you can provide either of these please contact me!
Matilda's Weather can be seen running on any of the following sites (not necessarily the latest version though!);
 Net Point
 Nerja Apartments
Want your site on this list? contact me or email me!

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