27/02/2001 * Someone (you know who you are!) reported a bug to me regarding the humdity calculations which I thought i'd fixed, but apparently released the wrong file? who knows, its fixed in my version anyway, but this will definately be in 0.6.0. * Same person also re-wrote part of the wind parsing code to implement "gusts" which occur in places. 07/02/2001 * I wasn't calculating the humidity correctly, but Rick Macdougall mailed me a working equation, thanks Rick! 05/02/2001 * did some more re-writing of detection code for various things. * fixed a stupid bug when a "M" appeared in front of the temperature information, it never occured that these might of meant Minus =P * made the wind only be recorded once as I reckon that it *is* only recorded once, this just prevents a couple of nasties where a precipitation was recognised when it wasn't really there in incredibly rare cases (antarctica for one on Jan 5th =P) * just noticed that sometimes the wind is recorded with MPS trailing instead of KT, hmm "metres per second" and "knots"? * added the option to format the outputted wind details * I don't think im calculating the humidity correctly... we'll see. 02/02/2001 * re-wrote the METAR parsing section to use regular expressions a lot to determine different sections of the METAR code, seems to be working pretty damned well at the moment. * hoping to make some proper images - and all of them! also want to re-do the logo. 01/02/2001 * hefty re-write of the core code, planning to re-write the METAR parsing routines *and* some other bits * planning to implement UTC offset code soon * re-work of the configuration stuff so just about everything goes via the config.php file 22/01/2001 Lic. Rodolfo Gonzalez Gonzalez * added a whole bunch of metar codes, we're looking at around 3000 different METAR codes now, thanks! (not sure, but I think this is every METAR code from around the globe!) 18/10/2000 Darren Brooke * `trim()'med a couple of strings to fix up automatic area name retrieval code 18/10/2000 * fixed a typo 13/10/2000 * fixed a `bug' regarding place names 11/10/2000 * ability to use multiple drop down menus 05/10/2000 * added some more metar codes and made the dropdown menu stuff go into dropdown.cfg 04/10/2000 * got my own website - https://www.mattsscripts.co.uk / - not yet up though * few minor changes 03/10/2000 * added the ability to format your own date and time * trying to add the option to use date/time alteration for regions local time * changed the template files so that they are fully working (w/all images) as most ppl seem to be using them * fixed a bug regarding wind directions * added drop down menu support for selecting the area * added automatic detection of area name * fixed a few more minor bugs * added a simple logo created using The Gimp * added the ability to customize drop down menus 02/10/2000 * fixed bug causing wind direction to be reported as North North West * stopped the script trying to parse `AUTO' metar data * fixed a bug regarding data checking * recommend that ppl disable precipitation intensity checking for the time being as its broken * got a full list of all the weather metar codes for UK, USA and Canada - more to come 28/9/2000 * beginning of a list of codes (UK, US and Canada) * fixed a bug occuring when parsing METAR data with a clear sky * noticed a problem with some METAR files which causes a problem where the data is AUTOmated (not sure about this one - rare) * fixed a problem when displaying height of clouds where too many zeros were displayed before the number 27/9/2000 - version 0.41 * Celsius to farenheit equation typo fixed * Cloud height now work * Added metar cloud height info * Re-wrote core to parse METAR data more reliably 26/9/2000 - version 0.4