15/01/2002 - * Many changes, but here's 1.0.0 01/12/2002 - * Import data fix 28/11/2002 - * Added a Polish translation from gwarant 22/11/2002 - * Dump data code f**cked, fixed now :) * Misc. changes and fixes * More data import fixes 07/11/2002 - * Fixed a table browsing (and hence querying) problem where one row less than full was shown 01/11/2002 - * Fixed a bug in the dump SQL system * Added a Portuguese language translation 30/09/2002 - * Several more changes to repair bug fixes related to "register_globals=no" 30/08/2002 - * Re-wrote several areas of the script which went wrong when changing for "register_globals=no" 08/08/2002 - * CSV file importing is in place! 07/08/2002 - * added a javascript function "my_back()" because IE (and possibly some other browsers?) don't recognise "back()" as a javascript function (they appear to use history(-1) instead) * RC2 time! it's 23:05 on Wednesday, 7th August, 2002 06/08/2002 - * several changes, most noticably my own is_null function for interpreteurs without it 03/08/2002 - * added database management page for adding, deleting and granting on databases etc * finddb.php renamed to dbmanager.php and changed into a database manager (suprisingly!), also no longer auto-forwards user to database main page if only one database is available to them. 01/08/2002 - * development is reaching a v1.0.0 Release Candidate stage, considering releasing v1.0.0 RC1 30/07/2002 - * new logo! thanks to Germán Alonso for this - new colours for the script needed! * finddb.php only shows databases that the user has access to, if user only has access to one database then they are automatically redirected to the main page with that database selected * drop down menu on main screen does the same as finddb.php * quick README with Installation and Configuration guidelines. 29/07/2002 - * ability to change current database or table quickly via drop down menu * option to bypass login screen and always login as same user (useful for htacces w/secure connections) 25/07/2002 - * added ability to export single tables in CSV format * "browse" option for tables * fixed a few language problems 24/07/2002 - * received spanish (castellano) translation from Germán Alonso, although several updates have occured so new version needed :) 21/07/2002 - * it APPEARS that the SQL import and export functions are working perfectly! I spent a good length of time re-writing them and testing them and it all appears to work! 17/07/2002 - * the script's HTML is now fully 4.01 standard * several other fixes and general clean ups * bug fix relating to choosing a database in finddb.php * written in support for multi-languages, awaiting spanish translation prior to release from Germán Alonso 10/06/2002 - * a couple of javascript related fixes 15/04/2002 - * a few small bug fixes 10/03/2002 - * re-wrote the SQL importing code (again) to try and make it useful again... * updated the HTML, fixing lot's of HTML nasties and using stylesheets more (HTML4) * updated the SQL dumping code to tell the browser to save the file rather than display it 23/07/2001 - * Fixed some problems with this script and Netscape 4.x (missing :P) 04/07/2001 - * Made some changes to the $referer stuff as some servers were not providing necessary variables within PHP (anyone want to comment?) * Some more changes to the import code (thanks for the thoughts Kasper) 27/06/2001 - * wrote some code to manage importing of SQL files (ala mysql -u ... < [filename]) because the old method didn't work when safe mode was turned on * fixed a little problem with uploading of files for importing 08/06/2001 - * fixed a typo w/adding new fields (which nobody reported!) 29/05/2001 - * add some other stuff, fixed a few problems etc and added a key management system 23/05/2001 - * fixed record modifying/deleting when no primary key is present within a table, of course, this can product unpredicatable results, but it works. * altered the data dumper to manage keys properly, well, hopefully ;). 21/05/2001 - * added native "mysqldump" support so it no longer needs to be executed on the server (causing a few problems) * added a different method for executing manual SQL queries, so no need to call the mysql client on the server (same problems as above) 17/05/2001 - * added ability to rename fields * made default value part of type field 16/05/2001 - * code clean up and commenting * _loads_ of changes, updates, fixes etc not been keeping up with the listing 14/05/2001 - * added more functionality to "Add field" section 13/05/2001 - * trying to fix up the script to a "stable" point, working on all aspects of the scripts. 10/05/2001 - * i've been really busy recently and haven't had time to do what I would have liked to, but heres another bug fix and i'm working on getting the script fully functional. 05/03/2001 - * translations are going to be done by the following people (so far); French - Jane Whittaker Portuguese - Alvaro Carneiro German - Rene Bogislawski 04/03/2001 - * implementing multi-language support for (at least) portuguese, french, spanish and german. * hopefully going to re-design the scripts with some new layouts and stuff as the current javascript/popup layout is something i'm not too fond of, I may go for a frames based layout, which I don't like either, but it would be hopefully more functional. Also all images are going to have to be scrapped due to the multi-language support being implemented, all images are going to have to be plain old links. 09/10/2000 - * added query of table data * added the option to connect to foreign hosts * added the option to search the databases on the server for the one you want 05/10/2000 - * first public release