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There's More to Mauritius Than Meets The Eye

Mauritius is famed as a holiday destination with idyllic beaches. The country (population of 1.3 million) is, however, much more than this. Its developed markets and infrastructure has ranked it top among sub-Saharan countries in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitive Report.


It is home to the Mauritius Academy of Science and Technology which promotes scientific and technological understanding in the country. Mauritius has ambitions, backed up by policies and an institution (the non-profit Planet Earth Institute or PEI), to encourage independent scientific and technological development crucial to the country's overall development. The PEI, registered in 2007, is chaired by Dr. Alvaro Sobrinho and the president, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, is its vice-chair. Private companies pay 2% of their profits to development goals including the creation of an information hub for Africa.

Africa, Technology and Alvaro Sobrinho

As Dr. Alvaro Sobrinho (chairman of the PEI) says solutions by local people are needed to solve African problems and, to achieve this, Africa must become scientifically and technologically independent. Despite Africa having some of the most rapidly growing economies there are factors that mitigate against scientific and technological development. An important one is the brain drain to the west where funding for projects is more available. Policies need to be put in place, such as those in Mauritius, to encourage the best to remain or to return. Weak infrastructure in many African countries also holds back scientific and technological advances. Investment is needed to strengthen this. In 2006 the need for investment in science and technology was accepted by African Union heads of state and Alvaro Sobrinho believes that more investment from the private sector would enable African countries to emulate countries such as South Korea and China.

Alvaro Sobrinho's vision for science and technology in Africa

Alvaro Sobrinho's vision for Africa consists ultimately in making the continent, which currently has a population in which just 1% are scientists, a centre to contribute to science and technology that is not dependent on Western financial aid. He emphasises that this does not mean ceasing to collaborate with outside agencies but rather to encourage local scientists to provide solutions to the continent's problems. As an Angolan he is familiar with African problems such as poor science education, poor infrastructure and a brain drain. He hopes to tackle these by backing research in science and technology and hopes for investment from private business as well as from other sources.

Alvaro Sobrinho has acted as a catalyst for his vision by founding and being chair of the Planet Earth Institute which will provide funded scholarships for 10,000 PhDs over the next decade. Alvaro Sobrinho hopes to inspire a young and vibrant continent to follow the path of countries like South Korea and China to become a strong regional independent centre for science and technology.